Monday, September 3, 2012

A Quickie DIY Burlap Curtain For A Block Glass Bathroom Window

Oh I am up WAY too early on a day off so what better to do than show you what I did yesterday. My husband is a little under the weather and so I have been taking care of the kiddos all weekend but I was able to fit in a little home decorating fun. We have a tub with one of those big block glass windows over it. I'm not crazy about how these types of windows look but I guess it skews things from the outside if looking in. ; )
When we bought the house, this bathroom was pale pink with a hand painted flower vine border around the top of the room. As soon as I could I changed it to make it my own. There were also big hooks on either side of the window with a piece of fabric draped along the top of the window. It reminded me of I Dream of Jeannie so I quickly took it down.

I hung a brushed nickel spring pressure tension rod and inserted inside. This is great because there is no drilling and if I change my mind about the curtain, it's easy to change out. I used a pack of silver curtain rod clip rings that I have had for a while. I hung a piece of burlap I had to see how long I wanted it.

I started cutting the length I wanted. No real system here. After I began cutting I took the burlap and using my t-square cleaned up the edges. I glued the wide strips of ribbon only after trying stitch witchery, which did NOT hold.


How is that for a quick DIY solution? I like the way the valance turned out. It still lets the light in and is a very casual addition to the room. Have you ever used burlap as a window treatment? What kinds of fabric makeshift piece have you used in lieu of a store bought solution?

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