Friday, September 19, 2014

From Baby to Boy Decor. Sniff Sniff!

Kids! It's cliché, but they really do grow up fast. I attended a church book study yesterday with a small group of moms my age, and children are such wonderful blessings from God. The group session was a great experience and my little guy got to do some crafts for himself. He was so excited about collecting acorns and making art! Yay!
My oldest turned eight on Wednesday and my youngest is four. Some days it blows my mind!
I just took time out from working on these blog photos to do four races of Mario Kart 8 with the youngest. Trying to cherish all the time I have with him at home. It's also a nice perk to get to play with him! I'm such a kid and he's a lot of fun!
His bedroom is so special to me because it was his big brother's first bedroom. It's a room we brought both babies home from the hospital to and spent countless nights feeding and rocking them both in. It has been a difficult room to change. We left it untouched with both babies... same paint, same crib, same décor-I loved it!
Now the youngest has grown into bunk beds so six months ago I painted the room and have been making updates ever since. Um it is taking me a while!
Here is a favorite wall hanging I had in there. I loved it!
The room was a light green and this went so well.
It had a newborn picture of each child.
Now it's a favorite wall hanging, redone, to go with the big boy theme of trucks and cars and light blue walls.

I simply painted the frame with leftover chalk paint. I cut a piece of scrap book paper for $0.50 and got these little cars and trucks at a craft store for under a buck. Glue gunned them on and it cost under $2.00 to make this change. It was a super update from baby to big boy! My son loves it!