Friday, April 27, 2012

Moving Furniture As A Cheap Compromise

So tell me, are there things that you and your significant other don't agree on in your house? My hubs is pretty good about handing over the decorating to me, but there are moments when he has an opinion that I would rather ignore. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and compromise though!

Here is the thing we haven't been agreeing on. LOL. It's really so silly too. Hubs mentioned it one day and I just figured he'd forget it so I kinda ignored it but then he said it again so it was obvious it was something that bothered him.

It's the position of our rectangular butcher block type kitchen table. We have a fake french doorway and the door that leads to our back yard is on the left side and he thinks you need to be able to open the door all the way to have a wide walkway to get out the back door. The problem is that we have a small light fixture in the kitchenette and if you move the table to open the pathway, the light won't be centered over the table. It's not a problem for him but it's a problem for OCD me! hah!

We originally had the table so it fit the room well lengthwise. I've racked my brain about how to solve this problem. Should we get a round table or a square table? What would fit the best? Hmm. Hubs even talked and moving the light fixture but I really don't want to move it and have to fix a hole in the ceiling. No SIRREE!
SO finally, I just turned the table in the room and it works. I should've taken a picture so you could see its position up against the bar but I'm excited. I'm telling you, it's the littlest things that make a big impact!
The room is still very functional and there is plenty of room to get around the table on all sides. Pretty sweet! Are you furniturer changer/switcheroo? I love moving furniture around but we rarely do. If we find a good room configuration, we normally keep it that way but this was fun and it made the hubs happy!