Friday, September 6, 2013

Gross Me Out - Bugs On LED Light Bulbs

EWWW Holy Grossness. I hadn't cleaned my light fixtures in a while and come to find out they were nasty buggy! GROSS ME OUT! Gnats everywhere! EWWWWW.

Well since I am home full time now I have more time to do things like clean and recycle. Today I made a trip the local recycling center to drop off some LED light bulbs that burned out. They are LED, which contain small amounts of mercury so they have to be disposed of properly.

When I dropped off the bulbs I asked a man at the recycling center about the bulbs attracting bugs. He confirmed that they do but that it's not the type of light bulb but the color spectrum. He suggested a more yellow bulb wouldn't attract insects like the bright white. I confirmed it on the Internet. Yesss! I learned something new today! Information that comes in handy!!! Glad I'm not just crazy about the buggy bulbs. Happy Friday!