Thursday, September 5, 2013

Trash Can For The Car

How are you today? It is so hot here!!! The pool is closed during the week now so I have to find other things to do. The pool was awesome while it lasted but now it's back to reality. haha. School has started back and I guess one positive thing about the pool closing is that it gives me more time to catch up on things around the house. 

So it's organizing and cleaning and crafting! Oh my! So one thing I really LOVE when it is clean is my car. I love my car but I love it so much more when it is clean and it's not clean as much as I'd like it to be. To help myself and the little men who ride in my car the most, I was on a search for a "garbage can" to help with all the litter. Dollar Tree it was! I found this adorable bag at the Dollar Tree! It says Keep The Planet Green. I thought it was super cute and it was a dollar. 

Once I tried to put it in my car I realized the handle wasn't long enough to fit over the head rest on my front passenger seat. Boo! The bag was too cute NOT to use in my car so I came up with a solution!

I cut the handle at the top right in the middle and added velcro to each end and fastened the ends.

Now I can open and close the velcro to hang the garbage bag. I did have a plastic grocery bag there before and my husband thought it looked a little ghetto. I have to admit that this is much cuter. 

So here it is - a garbage back and box of tissues to handle the kids' needs. 

Yay for a cute bag to help keep my car stay clean! 

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