Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DIY Sign - No Soliciting

How are you? I am pooped! I have spent a big part of the past week pricing and tagging items for a consignment sale and today I finally emptied my car out! Woo hoo! 

So a couple of weeks ago we had a chain of sales people going door-to-door in our neighborhood even though there is a NO SOLICITING sign at the entrance.It kinda creeps me out when I am home alone and the door bell is constantly ringing and it's strangers. Last week I had one man come and try to sell me something and I was on the way out. I wasn't rude but told him I couldn't talk. So he told me his name and then next day he showed up again with another man and he gave me a different name for himself. Uh scary!!! He asked me a lot of questions and I do not give information to strangers like that. At that point I thought I might need to make my own NO SOLICITING sign. So here it is! 

It's quite simple and turned out okay for a quickie craft!

Supply List
Lettered Stencils
Sharpie Oil Pen
Stone with hanger

 I used stencils I bought a Dollar Tree months ago.

I simply tested the lettering on a piece of paper the same size as my stone before I traced onto the stone to make sure these words would fit. Using a pencil I traced the stencils on the stone, eyeing it. Next I took the permanent oil pen and filled in the letters. Can't wait to hang it outside tomorrow!


christylouhoo said...

This is cute! That is totally creepy about that guy not even remembering his own fake name!! I hope the sign is working out for you, but you may end up being the kid hang out before too long with an open invitation right on the door!! lol!!

christylouhoo said...

This is cute and it looks great! :)