Thursday, December 16, 2010

Subtle Accents At Christmas

Red beads add a little color to the room but it's very subtle!

The beads came in small bunches with several strands joined by a stick, kind of how an artificial stem of flowers would come. I carefully cut the wires apart and separated them and used the stick to put the strands in the candle holder randomly pushing them down between the glass and the candles. I like!

The mantel is an ongoing work in progress. There's not much to it. I left all the existing decor and just added some greenery. Maybe next year I'll take everything down and do something more. 

There is lighted garland and I added some silver pearly picks throughout and then also placed some red holly looking ones to add give some color.

As for the candles, I dressed them up with some bling! I picked up some blue/silver glittery beaded garland from Michaels. It came in a single pack with about 5 strands. I used 3 strands to casually wrap the bottoms of the candlesticks to add some shimmer to the mantel.

I used the rest of the strands of beads throughout the greenery to add more depth.

Oh and I used to have big bulky iron stocking holders in different holiday designs and I loved them but they were safety hazards to children. I was terrified my son would pull on a stocking and the whole stocking and holder would come falling down on his head. 

So I got these small metal gripper types of holders at Bed, Bath and Beyond last year. They are very simple too! Yay! 

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