Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year Brings New Things Plus A New Home For The Birdies!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope everyone is well rested and ready for the new year! 2010 sure went fast and it's going to take some time to get used to writing/typing 2011 now! Last year we had lots of changes in our household and I'm sure this year will bring lots more. Today marked a new beginning for us... the youngest began crawling! He has been semi-crawling for a while but now I say it's ON like DONKEY KONG! The baby is crawling forward for REAL (no scooting, no rolling, no army crawl, or inch worm!), and I caught him this morning while he crawled forward, moving towards the cat laughing! It's all over (for the cat especially-poor thing!) and we have got to BABY PROOF! On top of my organizing and decor projects I will be baby proofing all over again. Fun times!

Okay so now that Christmas is over (sniff sniff), it's safe to share what I gave grandparents for presents this year. I painted bird houses in college sports themes!

I picked up several unfinished bird houses at the craft store. I used acrylic paints and mixed them with white or black to get the right shades so I didn't have to buy too many colors for each bird house. I Googled the logos and printed the ones with the highest resolution on black and white paper. I used tracing paper to copy the logo to the wooden houses. Then using painters tape, I masked off the areas I wanted to paint and went to town. I painted the logos by hand so they're definitely not perfect! Once I was finished and let the paint dry overnight, I used Rustoleum Clear Top Coat Proptective Crystal-Clear Finish to seal and protect the paint job. Then I drilled holes to install 2 eye-hole screws to the front and back on the roof to attach twine to hang the birdhouse. The birdhouses turned out great and we'll see if we will have any new birds in the spring!

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