Saturday, January 15, 2011

Topiary Try

After a couple of snow and ice days this week, I am over the wintry weather. Are you with me? I'm so ready for Spring! All I want to do when I'm not at work is snuggle under a warm blanket and be L-A-Z-Y and I'm not normally one to sit still!

This week I made my first attempt at a cute topiary. It's a topiary but I'm not convinced that it's actually cute. I think it turned out to look more like a bonsai tree, not that bonsai trees aren't cute or nice, it just wasn't the look I was going for. Maybe it's the crooked stick! I should post it to the FAIL blog but then again it's not a total flop, it's just not as cute as I hoped! Oh well. On to the project!

This pot was just over $1.00 at Michael's during a 60% off at the AFTER Christmas sale!

Floral moss was $1.00 at Dollar Tree.
I think I'll go for the green sheets of it next time, prolly much LESS messy to use!

Stick was FREE out of the back yard!
Can't beat that with a stick! Get it?
Okay maybe I'm a little cheesy! 

Styrofoam ball was $1.00 at Dollar Tree.

Using a glue gun, I wedged a piece off of a Styrofoam block to hold the tree and then glued the stick into the Styrofoam.

I will be revisiting this to try and get the ball more proportional with the pot. I think if the top is a little bigger, it will look much cuter and less wimpy! 
They are super easy and super cheap to do though!

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