Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Drab To Fab Curtains

Boy has it been a busy week! I'm pumped after a little workout on the old elliptical trainer. Finally found some motivation to type up this post of a project I did last week and I hope you enjoy! 
The living room in our house is a nice neutral tan color and a few years ago I hung some casual brown window panels to add cover to the windows. Before these window treatments I had plaid tab topped valances, but wanted something more to offer a little privacy. When I purchased them I didn't realize they were about the same color as the walls. BORING! I've had to make do but finally found an inexpensive way to break up the monotony and lighten things up. I found another project similar to this for ideas and if you know which blog it is, please let me know so I can pay credit where it belongs!

All you need is fabric, ribbon, stitch witchery, an iron, and scissors oh my! Oh and your curtain panels as the base!

Here are the drapes BEFORE and no I didn't use my flash. I am playing around with settings on my point and shoot type of camera and some are darker than others. Some pictures are a little fuzzy so please just bear with me. See how DRAB they are! Eh, they're just there. That's all.

Two windows make up one corner of the room but I didn't get a picture of the other window.

Take your piece of fabric (I bought three yards of some white CLEARANCE fabric and used approximately two thirds of it for four window panels. The original panels were bought at Walmart and are a standard size. As for the ribbon, I used 4 rolls of 15 feet worth of ribbon. I cut each roll of ribbon in half and used two strands on each window panel. So it turned out to be one roll of ribbon for one window panel.

I cut out a strip of fabric. I used my measuring tape to measure the size I wanted. I made the width 10 inches wide so when I folded the fabric edges over, the fabric strips would be about 8 inches wide total. I eyeballed the length of the fabric. Using the measuring tape I drew pencil dots along the fabric and used a t-square to connect the dots to have a straight line to cut along. I also used pink fabric scissors so the husband isn't tempted to snag them for something other than cutting fabric! ; )

After you have cut the "over sized" panel out you are ready to clean the edges by folding them over with the stitch witchery. I say over sized b/c I left about two inches for the folds!!! Follow the directions on the package for that. You use an iron and a damp cloth to glue the folds down. Once I had my panel ready to attach to the curtain, this is what it looked like below. Nothing about it is exact but I think it works. It's handmade and that is what I love about it! I can sew by hand somewhat but recently discovered hemming tape and stitch witchery, and until I learn to operate a sewing machine, this will have to do!
Using the iron and stitch witchery, I carefully ironed the panel to the curtain!

I put mine ten inches away from the top of the curtain.
Then you figure out where you want to place the ribbon. I went about a quarter of an inch off of the edge of the white fabric. It covered the edge of the stitch witchery hem. I eyeballed it to do this part!

I added the second strand of ribbon below, in small stretches, until I had the whole piece attached.

Here is the result! I have nice, comfy/casual looking drapes that were so easy to make. It's amazing what small touches can do to a room! Below are the pictures during the day and night!


A little patience goes a long way. Take your time to do this project. It took me four nights of ironing to complete the curtains but I think it was worth the wait!


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