Saturday, February 26, 2011

Elementary But Hey It Works!

How is your weekend going? It has been good here so far. I have the luxury of living near an IKEA and so this afternoon I went to look around and pick up a few things for another small project. This time I pushed a stroller instead of using a cart. IKEA is wonderful but am I the only one alive who cannot control an IKEA cart? I swear pushing a cart at IKEA wears me out. I wouldn't consider myself a complete whimp but the carts seem to drift and it makes me crazy! I just picked up a few things but it was fun to get out and window shop!

A couple of months ago I did the following little project and it was fun and free! I covered infant formula cans in card stock scrapbook paper to corral my artsy crafty supplies in my kitchen craft cabinet. I got the idea from seeing contact paper-covered tin cans that hold pencils at the Pediatrician's office. I spend quite a bit of time at the doctor's office with my sickling tykes.

It's pretty simple as you will see. All you need is:

-A clean tin can, you can use soup cans for smaller items.
-Scrapbook paper
-ModPodge glue
-Paint brush to apply the glue

Strip the label off your can and after you've cut the paper to fit around your can, start spreading the glue! Next you'll wrap the paper around the can and apply more glue over the paper if you need to. Let it dry and the cans are ready for storage! YAY! How do you store your craft supplies?

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