Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hanging Basket With No-Sew Liner

I hope you're having a nice weekend! I'm sitting here taking in what just happened on one of my favorite tv shows. I don't watch a lot of tv but I've been sucked into an HBO show - Game of Thrones. I've heard that the book is fantastic so I'm watching the show. It's fun to have something to look forward to watch and the show is great! 

Having a few days off is pretty nice! It has been a pleasant holiday weekend at home with some time to catch up on things and relax a little. Last night I did this little project before I went to bed. I replaced our old system for grocery bag storage. I put together a no-sew hanging basket to keep our grocery bags organized in. It's simple enough!

Below was our old system. It's kind of country with a cat theme and it has seen better days. It was never my taste but it did the job. The problem with it now is that the elasticity on the bottom of it has worn out and so the bags fall out of the hole in the bottom and I was constantly cleaning up bags. Annoying!!!

I found these two hanging baskets at Dollar Tree for a buck a piece. I got three and will use the third as a basket for my bicycle, which I will share when I get to it!
I wasn't crazy about the color of them so I took some white latex paint and brushed a coat over them. I didn't totally cover the baskets and I left the inside unpainted since I was planning on doing a liner. They're a little rustic.

Below I cut two separate pieces of burlap. I played with the material inside the basket and adjusted how much I'd need. I wasn't precise about any of it. I want to learn to sew but for now this will have to do! It's easy enough!

I just eyed it and reverse-wrapped (wrapped the inside of the basket) it (did I just make up a concept here?) with a glue gun. I started from one end of the inside of the basket and worked my way to the other end, making a flap over the top of the basket and glued it down. 

So that you don't see the cuts in the burlap around the handles on the back side of the basket, I took another rectangular piece of burlap that I cut two slits in below and placed it inside to cover the bottom and then pulled it thru the handle to cover the folds on the back side and I glued it down.  
On each end of the tops of the basket I poked my scissors thru the two layers of burlap and tied them together with a piece of green ribbon. If you need any more pictures to help see how I did it, please let me know and I'll post. 

It's definitely not perfectly measured but I think it works well in the pantry! Whaddayathink?

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