Monday, July 4, 2011

Wax Off!

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!  Hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating and got to see some fireworks this weekend! Sort of on that note, ya know with fire and lighting up something, I thought I'd post a simple tip on removing candle wax from a container. If you're anything like me and LOVE candles you probably already know this trick, but I'm posting anyway, to be on the safe side! Ironically I'm all over wax removal and such this week. My child has another ear infection and so the doc had to pick wax out of his ear this week. Fun filled!   

So once you are finished burning a candle and are ready to toss it, try to be "GREEN" and salvage the glass container, if it's possible to either recycle or reuse but I wouldn't put any kind of food in. The candle below was an Ikea candle and I decided to reuse the glass as a votive holder. 

Freezing the candle inside the container is the best way to remove it. The wax shrinks away from the glass. I put the glass container with the "leftover wax" in the freezer door overnight. The next morning I pulled it out of the freezer and was able to remove the remaining wax very easily using a spoon. The pictures are in "flip book" style so please scroll down to the bottom to see how easy it is to get the wax out! Whatever you do, do not put any wax in the sink or toilet. It will clog the plumbing. Throw it out and scrape and scrub any excess wax that might be left on the glass. Then you are ready to recycle or reuse the glass as a votive holder of have it filled again by a candle maker. 

Have a wonderful week everybody!

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