Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bad Dye Job- Don't Quit Your Day Job!

Hello fellow decor friends! How are yous guys (and yes, I meant to say "yous") Things have been busy around here trying to keep up with every day things and trying to fit in some decoration projects. If we could afford to hire a maid for regular house dusting and bathroom scrub downs to help with some of the chores around here, that would be awesome but I think I'll have to keep on dreaming! I've been busy working on Halloween decorations but have been meaning to post this failed attempt at dyeing a night light lamp shade. I totally ruined a perfect little night light lamp shade. Leave it to me. So here it is!

I love the way mod-styled lamp shades have trim work in a solid color. I tried to use ribbon but struggled getting the ribbon just right. I thought it would be cool to dye just the top and bottom border of the lamp shade. I thought this would solve my problem of not being able to get ribbon where I wanted it. NOT!

I picked up some fabric dye and the color, so I thought, was supposed to be more of an olive green so that was one of the first fails! I made up a bowl of dye and dipped the lamp shade into it so that the shade was very level to get a nice even border of green. You can see for yourself that the dye ran and it just wasn't as crisp and fresh looking as I had hoped. 

Oh well! What kinds of projects have you tried that were total flops?

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