Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chalk Board Picture Frame

What a day! My child is playing pee wee basketball, the FIRST team sport ever for him, and he scored 4 baskets in his game today! WAY TO GO! The most important thing is that the kids have fun but it's icing on the cake for the big boy to actually score. Boy was he excited! I was excited for him.
On that note I did a small craft a few weeks ago that I used for fun after the game! It's a chalkboard picture frame, plain and simple.

What I used
-5X7 IKEA picture frame in white
-chalkboard paint in black
-sponge stick for paint application

All I did was pull the picture frame apart and paint the glass with chalkboard paint using a sponge stick. I made simple strokes vertically and horizontally to cover the glass. I applied two coats and let it dry overnight. When I put the frame back together I put the mat on top! Easy as that and you can use it for all kinds of things. I like it for encouraging words. Have fun and have a great Sunday. Next time I chat I'll tell you about the rest of what happened today. We're making some small changes around here that I'm excited about! I'm not usually very good with change but this one I am. Yes it has to do with "room" (the word space gets overused in my opinion and drives me bonkers therefore ROOM) in our room! : )

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Christy Ann said...

Very cool idea! I want to make one of those to hang in the kitchen for grocery lists. Love the chalkboard paint!