Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hooked On No Holes!

WHAAZUP? What have you been up to? How was YOUR weekend? Mine was busy between pee wee basketball and grocery shopping. I think we should get an extra day off each week just to do our grocery shopping and play catch up. Ha! 

So please tell me how you get a five year old to quit saying the word "bomb" in public! Goodness gracious it sure is embarrassing when we are in a store and my child shouts out that something is the BOMB DIGGITY. He says it in the worst possible scenarios and then asks me over and over why he shouldn't say the word BOMB. GRRRR!

Onto my reason for writing... 

How do you feel about your walls? Yes I am asking how your treat your walls in your house. I ask this because I am a little obsessive about our walls. Well maybe not obsessive but I try to take good care of them. It probably sounds really dumb but I have done lots of painting in the two houses we've owned. I take pride in the border removal and paint jobs and take my dear sweet time hanging things on the walls to have little regret hanging things. One thing I found in October were these awesome hangers. For Christmas I used one on the mirror over our mantel to hang a wreath. Have you used these kinds of hooks before? I am sure I'm late in testing these little suckers out but they are AWESOME. What a great invention! I especially like these plastic hooks that look like brushed pewter. Classy.       

As much as I worry about not marking up the walls and trying to keep them clean, check out what the kids got for Christmas! It is awesome. I was a little apprehensive at first but it is super cool. The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks uses the 3M Command Strips and it really doesn't touch the walls like you would think. You use the strips to hang the brackets and it' so easy! The tracks sit on the brackets but they don't touch the walls. It's great racing fun! I wanted to share because I just LOVE these command strips and they have gotten me over worrying about the walls as much. I am soooo hooked!

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