Saturday, February 25, 2012

Scrabook Paper Plaque

It's SATURDAY- MY FAVORITE DAY! Don't you just love Saturdays? We had a basketball banquet to end the season last night and a first soccer match this morning for the pee wee. Today has been a day of a lot of NOTHING ever since we got home. Ahhhhh! I am so tired, I have to drag myself to do things! I keep looking around the house noticing all the things that need to be done though. I'll get to them... eventually. 

I am totally psyched. I am so psyched that I have to tell somebody! I got another sponsor and some AWESOME goodies in the mail today and I cannot wait to show you! That will be my next post!

So changing the subject and trying to stay focused on the house, are you the type who likes knick knacks OR could you take 'em or leave 'em? In our house I prefer modest amounts; nothing overdone, but nice, homey and cozy. As of right now, our short coffee table and end tables are pretty bare from being baby proofed. For some time now we have had all of the tables cleared of any injury causing objects. As soon as the littlest outgrows the stage of getting into EVERYTHING, my modest amounts of knick knacks will return. I don't want to rush things, but it will be fun redecorating somewhat!

Okay onto my super cheap-o, little, crafty project I'm calling scrapbook paper plaque!
All you need is white paint(I used acrylic), a sponge applicator, a wooden plaque, a paper cutter, Mod Podge glue, and the scrapbook paper of your choice. The plaque can be found at any craft store for super cheap, meaning under a dollar! How can you beat that?!?!

Paint the outer edges of the plaque as shown below.

Using a straight edge of some sort to cut your scrap book paper to size. I used my handy dandy cricut cutter.

I used a thick sheet of scrapbook paper that had a canvas texture to it. 

Spread Mod Podge over the wood and place your paper on the wood. Cover the paper with more Mod Podge, going back and forth over the paper, making sure you cover it completely.

Let it sit to dry.

Either hang the plaque on the wall or place it in an easel for a nice new decoration!

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