Sunday, March 11, 2012

Matted Scrap Book Paper On The Cheap!

So do you feel the hour we lost in daylight savings or are you feeling pretty good? I am pooped! This is my favorite time of the year because we have more daylight at the end of the day. Do we really need to change the time these days? It would be awesome if we had more light at the end of the day all year in my opinion. That's just my opinion though! So what did you do this weekend? I dug around in the dirt weeding and cleaning up the yard. We have soooo many weeds it's not even funny. I love working out in the yard though so I'm pretty excited about it. Do you like doing yard work?

So I haven't been posting as many project lately and I want to apologize. I have been doing so many things and trying to make house updates but I haven't been posting them as much because my digital camera broke. Yes, this is the second one that has broken on me. I am starting to think it is ME with the problem! I accidentally dropped it at my son's basketball game. I am shopping around for a decent one at a good price so hopefully I'll be able to catch you up on things soon!

Here is a very small change that I really like. A while back I framed some fabric in our kitchenette. I thought I liked it but the longer it hung, the more I disliked it. I just didn't care for the fact that the fabric wasn't matted so I changed it out. Quick and easy fix!

I found some scrapbook paper that I fell in love with. It's whimsy but simple with a feminine touch but not over-the-top. I don't like anything frilly.

The AFTER ABOVE - Matted scrap book paper!

The BEFORE ABOVE - Framed Fabric I bought a pad of textured cardstock paper for $5.00 at Wal-Mart. Great stuff! Using a mat board and the glass, I cut the white cardstock to size.

I used my cricut paper cutter to cut the mat out. I did about a two inch matte and then reframed.
It's very simple and I think it looks cleaner and crisper with the white cardstock framing the paper!

Have you made any updates to your home lately? I have one big one I am working on but it may take a couple more weeks to complete. I'm hoping to purchase a new camera this week so I'll update you on more things as soon as I can! Have a great Monday!

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