Sunday, July 29, 2012

Am I Going Bananas?

I think I might be! he he. So I did my bi-weekly trip for groceries this morning after church and I'm stocked up again on food. We love bananas and go through them in this house but sometimes not fast enough because a couple will go bad from time to time. This afternoon I came up with an idea to help them keep longer and give me a little more room on the kitchen counters. I will say that I am not much of a gadget keeper so I didn't want to buy a banana hanging thingy. I have read that it's best to hang "nanners" up to lengthen their shelf life and I had a 3M hook in a drawer just waiting to be used. Yeah boyeeeeee!

I wouldn't dare poke a hole in our tile back splash so hanging this sticky 3M hook is pretty safe. Plus if the hubs notices it and thinks I have gone totally bananas, I can still take it down!

Do you have a special way to keep bananas or any other food for that matter?

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