Saturday, June 16, 2012

Easy Trick To Remove Crayon From Walls

So my child finally did it. Boo hiss.  I was seriously hoping that one day I could say my kids never took a crayon to a wall. Think again! Yes my little one has used a permanent marker on my parents' dog and a highlighter on my husband's face when he was sleeping but now he has attacked the walls. Darnit. I asked my friends what would remove it and got a couple of responses, one of which was surprising!

 WD-40! They should add "crayon removal" as a bullet point on the can!
A good friend of mine told me this trick . It works well and I already had a can.

Dampen a wash cloth and use moderate pressure. The faint marks on the left did come out.

The wall dried completely AFTER I tookd this picture and you would never guess it had crayon on it!

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