Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Covering A Pocket Calendar For Fun!

What is up? How are you in this new year? I sure hope good! Things are good on this end. This year I'm trying to keep up a lot of good habits I have started and so far it's going really well!

Do you use calendars? What kind do you use? I used to use a Franklin Covey Day Planner and swore by it. I still love those but now I have a big desk calendar at work that has slots for each family member and I use a little pocket calendar that I carry in my hands free crossbody purse in case anything comes up. No, we still do not own smart phones so I do use a pocket calendar. DORKY but it works for me.

As far as pocket calendars, I love the blocked off monthly format where you can see everything laid out for each day. I personally think the stores had slim pickings for the design of the calendars. I'm not a fan for cutesy,  scenery, or themed pictures but I wound up buying one and covering it so it was more sleek. Sleek. That is funny. Being a mom of two, nothing I own is sleek but hey, it's fun to imagine!

The BEFORE - not so bad but just not quite what I wanted.

I used this roll of zebra print contact shelf lining paper I picked up at Wal-Mart a few months back...

I think it turned out nicely. This pattern is a fun one! What an easy way to change something to put a smile on your face!

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