Thursday, March 27, 2014

Finally Hung My Flower Mirror!

YAY! One more little project I can knock off of my to do list! I FINALLY hung my Flower Mirror up! I LOVE it! I got my mom's opinion on where to hang it and that helped so much! Sometimes it takes another person to say YAY or NAY to something! Have you ever used duct tape to hang something? I hadn't but since this was homemade and also delicate, I used duct tape as an easy remedy. I didn't have to glue or hammer anything into the back of this and it seems to support the weight of the mirror. 

Instead of using a wire as the hanger, I rolled a long piece of duct tape and taped it down with a lot of long strands of tape. I figure if Myth Busters can use tape to survive on a deserted island, then this should work to support a wall hanging. No one is going to see the back of it anyway! Happy DAY!

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