Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Organizing and Labeling Toys

Happy Tuesday! Hope you had a great Monday and a great St. Patrick's Day! I'm surprised my oldest didn't get pinched yesterday because I totally forgot to dress him in green! Way to go, Mom, huh!

So in cleaning up and organizing children's rooms and toys, I found this number at Tarjay (several months back might I add) and I found these adhesive chalkboard labels at Michaels last week. I was going to use my Cricut and make my own tag type labels but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that was overkill. The boy can read now so I didn't need to go overboard with tagged pictures on basket handles. He can read and write so I thought chalkboard labels would work great. I found them in the cheap-o section at the front of the store and they were 40% off so they were a buck something for a pack of 12 labels. Not too shabby. At first my son wrote the categories of the labels but then didn't like his handwriting and asked me to do it. He said he couldn't read his own handwriting. Uggh! Haha!

I think these labels work out great because they aren't in the way of the handles, you can see them and they can be changed with any new toy switch out we have! Below is the organizational system from Tarjay AKA Target! It works great and the kids can easily pick up after themselves with this shelving system! How do you organize the toys in your house?  

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