Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Is In The Air!

YESSS! It is so nice out today! Lately it has been a bit on the yucky side and cold on this end. How's it going? I'm sorry I've been MIA but for the past week I was out of town working with my dad and grandfather on my parents' house. What an awesome experience it was to work on big house projects alongside of my dad and grandfather. I learned so much! I learned how to drive my dad's riding lawn mower and how to take down gutters, replace wood and rehang gutters. I learned how to apply mortar and then grind it down and I did lots of sanding and painting and cleaning of fencing. It was great! Now that I am home again I have some projects staring me in the face in my own house. For today I just wanted to share a small touch of Spring decorating for the season! I love Springtime! Do you have any Spring decorations you put out this time of year? Hope you had a great Easter! Have a great day!

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