Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Use Olive Oil Spray To Clean Stainless Steel!

Good Morning on this lovely Tuesday! Two loads of laundry done, child at school and one errand completed already! It's a good day. :)

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend and took time to reflect on those who served in the military. Our weekend was great! Time to ourselves, time with friends and family. Pool time. Cook out! It was so nice!

Just thinking about how filthy our kitchen appliances get and are and I wanted to share a super cheap way to clean them. I was buying super expensive cleaners for the stainless steel appliances and was looking for something a little cheaper. I found a tip to use olive oil so I tried it but found that the olive oil in a spray can works best for me. It's only a couple of dollars as compared to the $10.00 or more actual cleaners.

 Hand prints! Uggghhh!
I spray it on a microfiber cloth to apply it on the surface. I use moderate pressure when applying.
My pictures are very shiny and not the most clear but it comes out nice and shiny.

There is my tip for the day. Maybe you will give it a whirl!

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