Monday, July 21, 2014

DIY No Sew Boy's Grommeted Valance

Monday Monday! Hope yours is good. It's a little gloomy here with thunderstorms. Uggh I had caffeine last night and it kept me up waaay too late. GRR! I should have known. I rarely have caffeine anymore and it affects me too much when I do now.
SO I wanted to share my son's bedroom valance. It is a very simple one and I made it. His room has gone through a recent redesign and the old curtain had to go.
For this simple window covering I used white duck cloth a friend gave me. :)

Below I cut the duck cloth to the desired size. I made it a little longer than the window to have room for folds with the grommets attached. I took a wooden car I had and measured out several cars. The cars below are facing the opposite direction from my finished curtain because this was my first go at it and the only process picture I had of hand drawing the cars.

I used toll paints. I had a blue and gray color I mixed to get a navy blue.

I used our playroom curtain to measure the location of the grommets.

I drew the circles and cut two slits before cutting out the circles.

The grommets snap in place very easily, adding a simple and clean touch! I bought them at Hobby Lobby years ago and they are brown if you can't tell from the pictures.

I had to cut a little off the bottom of the cars because I had an accident and got a spot of paint on the white area below one of the cars. Boo! I think it turned out okay though!

So there you have it!

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