Monday, July 14, 2014

Painting Speaker Covers For A Living Room

Oh my gosh I feel like I've been THE worst procrastinator on this job and why? I do not know why. I guess I dreaded the prep work. Well I do have a couple of reasons.

Okay so it started with us getting speakers installed in the living room walls to watch TV and ordering speaker covers. many years ago. We wanted them to match the color of the walls. I painted them using an aerosol mixing can (needed to thin the paint to spray) bought at a hardware store. You add a little water to a jar, attach it to an aerosol can and paint. It worked okay for two speakers but the third came out blotchy. The can clogged and the speaker cover was COVERED and the holes were clogged so I used a tooth to pick paint out of the holes when it dried. Plus it was dented on the corners where it was forced in the wall. It looked terrible. It has been a major eye sore! Anyone could see it when they watched the TV.


Finally my hubs ordered a new speaker cover. After two tries with new aerosol cans, and failure, I decided to use my electric spray gun. Awesomeness! The set up took a while. I poured paint in the canister and added warm water until the paint was thinned well enough to spray a test sheet of card board smoothly. After a few tries, it worked great! It took all of two minutes to spray the speaker cover! It looks so nice compared to the first attempt which was on the wall for so many years.

Take a look. Basically I wished I wouldn't have waited so long to do this little project. It has made a big difference in how we look at the speaker wall now. :)


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