Friday, September 26, 2014

Keep Calm Door Knob Hanger

Keep Calm and WHAT they say? You see this quote everywhere nowadays and do you know where it was derived? Go on! Made ya look! It was a motivational poster created and used by the British in 1939. It was made for World War II to boost British morale in a time of uncertainty. Evidently the poster was never publicly displayed, but was found in the more recent years. I'm no history buff but when I see things like this, I ask questions, I try and learn about the history behind it. It currently seems to be sort of a fad for all venues.   

It was actually originated during sad and difficult times so I have mixed feelings about this saying being everywhere with so many parodies of it. I always wonder if people know where it came from. 

Having said that, I found this little metal door hanger at Dollar Tree of all places. I think it has a lot of meaning. Since it was so seriously produced, it means more to me than just a cutesy little saying. I love inspirational sayings period, exclamation point, and this one is a humble reminder to me to try and stay calm no matter what. As far as parenting, marriage and ANYTHING in life, there is ALWAYS room for improvement and I find that inspirational quotes are great motivation tools. So I've got this little door knob hanger/piece of inspiration hanging on the coat closet door downstairs, central on our first level to help me and anyone else who can read (smiley face - because we have one who is still learning his letters) stay in line. I like it. Do you have any opinions?   

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