Monday, October 27, 2014

Ways To Save Money, Honey!

Happy Monday, Hope you're having a great day! Mine has been, eh, okay. Just not feeling the best today. Anyhow, I have been trying to save money in many different ways and here are some I thought I could share. Maybe some of them will help you too.


-Make my own laundry detergent
-Make my own shampoo - it works great!
-Use a refillable foaming soap dispenser in the kitchen - buy dish detergent in bulk and refill adding water to prolong soap usage!
-Cut down on paper towel usage! Majorly.
-Reuse bags for grocery shopping
-Make my own spray deodorizer
-Make my own dryer sheets
-Make my own cleaners for the house - bathroom, furniture polish, window cleaner, etc.
-Cut my husband's hair
-Trim my kids' hair to extend hair cuts
-Coupons of course

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