Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy December! Happy Decorating!

Happy December! Hope everyone is doing well! Things are looking up here. I think I've finally gotten over Bronchitis so that is super helpful and just keeping fingers crossed that the faint, lingering cough doesn't linger much longer! Bleh!
So it might look like I'm rushing to get Christmas up and all this year but I'm trying NOT to rush. I can't stand Christmas being so rush, rush, rush! I've been going pretty slow to get it all done. The outside of the house has been decorated for a couple of weeks so I wouldn't have to decorate in the cold. We are all decorated though and now everybody is excited. The stockings are hung, the big tree and four mini trees are up! The kids were excited and asked to do it this weekend and really got into it so it has made it a lot of fun!
As far as other stuff, I'm just not worrying about any of it. Christmas card envelopes were addressed and stamped in June, I've just got to get our cards together! Trying to manage the little things by doing a little at a time. That is how I am managing the house chores and it is really working. Anyhow, I can't say how glad I am to be feeling better. For the past couple of weeks I've spent a lot of time sleeping and trying to recover. Finally have my energy back!
How are you? Do you have your tree up? If not, when will you put yours up?
Happy Monday and Happy December!
Here's our house all decked out!

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