Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One Word - 2015

So it's now 2015 and yeah I'm late in the month to be talking about New Year's resolutions. I don't really make them, nah, not so much, I don't want to disappoint myself by NOT living up to some sort of BIG expectation for myself. I set goals and really try to make them but that is less expectation than to make one big "resolution" or something. ;)

Last year I found this neat site called One Word and came up with a word for last year. I think my new word for this year is FOCUS! I'm typically a pretty organized, energetic kind of girl but want to keep on track and stay focused on even the smallest of goals. You see, my mind goes nuts trying to come up with all kinds of creative things and it makes it difficult to stay focused on just one thing. So in the end I have lots of unfinished projects and not always the total follow through. I'm getting better though!

Here's hoping to GET Focused and STAAAAY Focused because the list way far below is the list I made for 2014 and you can see what I actually finished last year!

So for 2015 here are my goals:
  • Filing Cabinet - paint or give a makeover
  • Do something with lampshade I have in attic
  • Better organize my desk
  • Organize computer files better!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Organize wedding pictures
  • Stain or paint a dresser, book case and lamp in youngest child's bedroom
  • Give oldest child a new bedroom makeover
  • Possibly redo kid's bathroom
  • Touch up paint or repaint downstairs bathroom
  • Re-touch paint in a lot of rooms 

Small Goals for 2014 were: 
  • Finish labeling spices in spice cabinet
  • Filing Cabinet - finish labeling all files in file cabinet
  • Refinish kid's table and chairs in playroom
  • Do something with the lamp that's in the playroom - I have some ideas!
  • Create a gallery wall in the house so they are better displayed
  • Better organize my desk
  • Organize computer files better
  • Organize downstairs closet
  • Organize wedding pictures
  • Purge, Purge, Purge
  • Label toys in kids' rooms
  • Fix crooked pictures on walls ;)
  • Finish bunk bed bedroom!
  • Print photos
  • Clean rugs and runners
  • Paint speaker cover in living room
  • Paint play room spots where baby gatee used to be
I've got lots planned for this year! What are your resolutions or goals for 2015???


HungryForGod (Andi) said...

i haven't set any goals for this year - scary...

Liz Sutherland said...

I love the One Word site!! I can't believe that it's 2015 and February is right around the corner :) I don't think it never to late to set goals!