Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chalkboard Labels For Pantry

So psyched to post my chalkboard labels!

We had warm weather a few weeks ago and I took advantage of the sunshine to do some painting! I may be a little over the top when it comes to organizing and labeling but I have to admit this is fun!

Materials you need:

  • small wooden ovals or rectangles - I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for real cheap! They were on sale too. I think I got 14 for about $3.00. I used the rectangle ones for the pantry project.
  • a yard of burlap - Found 3 yards on clearance for $2.00
  • glue gun
  • chalkboard spray paint - You'll find at any craft or hardware store!
  • twine or ribbon - I used twine b/c I already had a roll.

My little helper placed all the wooden ovals and rectangles on cardboard. : )

Why do they make these spray cans adult proof? 
I mean, really!?!?

See what I mean. I cracked the darn thing to get it open!

I sprayed two coats.
I placed the wooden rectangles over the burlap and casually cut the burlap to give a 
quarter inch boarder around the mini chalkboards.
I cut the corners off so they would fold nicely.
I used twine to hang the labels.
Using the glue gun I attached the twine along the tops of the backs of the wooden pieces.
Next step was to glue the chalkboard piece to the burlap.

Next I folded the burlap over the edges and glued them down. 
I made sure to do it so that all labels were consistent in the folds.
I hung the labels with the twine and used chalk to write what was on each shelf!
The great thing about this project is that it is super cheap, easy enough to involve your children and the labels can be changed easily, just wipe them off and re-chalk them! Have fun labeling your pantries!

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