Friday, April 1, 2011

Accidents Happen And Sometimes For The Better!

I am slowly knocking some things off of my 2011 home decor to do list and I got to use my drill and my stud finder in this little project! I hung some store bought drapes! YAY!

Make sure you use a drill bit that is smaller than the screw's circumference so you don't have a hole larger than the screw. 

My drill has a level which helps put the screw in straight. I drilled the first hole and then measured out for my second one.

My handy dandy laser level makes it so easy to line up holes once I decide on the distance away from the window on either side where I want to hang the curtain rod. Make pencil marks and drill away!

The curtain rods have a bronzed finish and are very simple. They came from Ross Dress for Less and were under $10.00 each. 

A little background... We bought our home 4 1/2 years ago and have spent that time redoing most EVERYTHING. When we bought the house it was about seven years old and very basic. We liked the floor plan but it was a simple house with no real upgrades and LOTS of wallpaper, borders and stencils that were not our taste. Have I mentioned how much I dislike wallpaper??? Yuck!!! Over the past several years, I've enjoyed painting and personalizing and making our house our home. We have changed almost every fixture, painted every room and changed out every curtain and curtain rod in the house, among other things. The playroom started out as our office but gradually(child number one arrived) became the playroom. :) I wanted it to be a neutral color for boys or girls, just in case, and flow with the rest of the colors in the house. I painted the room a light shade of yellow (I'm a more natural/neutral tone kind of girl).

Since we have boys I finally decided to start decorating the room more for boys. I didn't want to go with a specific theme or anything real childish-looking and am excited to share the drapes I hung. Funny though, I purchased these drapes from Old Time Pottery (very reasonably priced per panel), months ago to see if they'd go in our living room. NOT! They completely clashed with the rest of the colors in the living room which worked out quite nicely in the end! It took hanging them up to realize that the curtains didn't go though. It was accidental that these drapes went so well in the playroom. They turned out to match the rug just perfectly!!  See for yourself. 

Blue for Boyyyyyeeeeeeees! What do you think? Ya think I need to iron them? I will eventually! Looks like the curtains were made to go with the rug but they were bought at two totally different places, several months apart! What have you done accidentally that you just LOVED in the end???

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