Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Inexpensive Play Room Wall Art

Anybody else suffering from the pollen and allergies? Hack Hack Hack!!! I can't stop coughing and my voice has been nonexistent for over a week, which a certain someone in the household has probably enjoyed a break from, not mentioning any names!! I'm kidding! I'm not sure if it's allergies or a cold or what, but I am ready to shake it off to shift back into high gear!

In playing catch up on projects, here is one I did soon after hanging the curtains in the boys' playroom! The room has felt bare and unfinished for a long time so I feel like it's more complete with wall hangings on more than just wall in the room now! 

I've been looking for some sort of simple something to go on the wall for a while and I finally came up with an easy solution. My favorite book of scrapbook paper is one of thick, card stock types and they are more modern patterns and designs. There just so happened to be a cool one with cars, trucks, planes and bikes, just perfect for a little boy and a mama who doesn't care too much for super cutesy patterns that they'll outgrow in a year. I like to make changes that will last. If I get tired of them, I can still change them easily but it's not something I have to change right away.

I found three black wooden picture frames at IKEA for $2.99 each and cut the scrap book paper to fit. I hung them over a toy shelving sorter unit thingy in the playroom! I think the wall art adds a nice clean, more contemporary flair to the room and it was a very easy solution. The colors matched the curtains almost perfectly and the background of the paper is blue/green with a shiny copper embossed design, which is very close to the color of the curtain rod.

It's amazing to see some of the cool papers that come in bound scrap book pads.
Happy to have the playroom more complete! What projects have you been up to lately?


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I have thought about doing that too but I haven't gotten around to it. The paper really is pretty art. We also have that same rug in our house ; )

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