Friday, May 13, 2011

Ready to Play!

I feel like a little kid! I'm trying to get through all the chores so I can play tomorrow. I got a new bike today and I can 't wait to ride it again! I got a really good deal! A store price-matched another store and then they honored a nice manufacturer's coupon. Not that I need to make excuses for spending money but I don't splurge on big ticket items very often. I figure I used to work out at a gym and now it's not realistic so bike riding with the family is the best alternative. I am so excited!

Onto my next lil organizational project!!! I used my cricut to make some easy labels for the laundry room. I have several canvas bins above the washer and dryer and it's always a pain to have to pull them down and search to see what is in them when I need something. Now with my labels it makes things a cinch. If I could just get every other aspect of our life so organized! Baby steps though, right?

I used a card stock scrapbook sheet of paper in off white and cut tags on the cricut paper cutter. Then instead of pasting them to the tags, I used the "negatives" paper and placed them on the tags and using a brown paint pen, I filled in the text. The labels are certainly not perfect. The marker did bleed somewhat but I think they are cute and they get the job done! To attach the labels to the canvas storage cubes, I used medium width ribbon. Very simple and makes life a little easier in the laundry room!

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