Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So Super Psyched About CARS II

In relation to the Disney Pixar CARS II movie I was told I have to add this funny little tidbit to my oldest child's baby book so I'll share. Kids say the darnedest things! 

Let's just say that our four year old LOVES CARS, especially cars with eyes = Lightning McQueen, Sally, Doc Hudson, you get the drift! His room is decked out in CARS gear (which I was hesitant to do at first b/c of my dislike of themed rooms, especially character themes) and he seriously wanted us to name his baby brother after a very important CARS character played by Larry the Cable Guy. He told everybody he wanted his little brother's name to be Gabriel "Mater"! Anyhow the little story I was told the other day was this. My son got in trouble at his child care center for putting his hands on another child and hitting so he was taken to the front office. There he sat with one of the directors, a thirty something woman and the co-owner, a fifty year old man. The two discussed CARS with my son to try and help him settle down and as upfront as possible, he told the man that he reminded him of Tow Mater because he was old and rusty. They both sat there and the woman said they laughed so hard she was crying. Kids just say what ever comes to mind!

On that note I wanted to do a little something special for our son since the next CARS movie is coming out towards the end of this week. I really want this movie to be an event for him. He's even more excited now with the addition of this easy project of window flags!

I let him pick the fabric and I purchased one yard. It contrasted well with the room so I thought it would be great! He did a good job!

 We ironed and measured out triangles. They were 7" high and 5 " wide, I believe. You can wing that part. 

 I cut out the triangles using a good pair of sewing scissors! 

Using fabric glue I glued seven triangles to a ribbon at one inch apart. I scattered the designs so they would have an even flow. I played around with placement but it's so easy and not perfect.

Here they are and it adds a little character to the room. Get it?!?!? He loves it and they're just a fun layer to the simple navy curtain.

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