Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kitchen Is Back In Order

Hello all! The weekend is winding down quickly. Hope you had a great weekend and were able to do something fun. I, for the most part ran myself ragged trying to play catch up on the essentials. Saturday seemed like another day of nothing but WORK. It was full of chores from grocery shopping to straightening up the whole house, dishes, 5 loads of laundry, taking care of two young children... I didn't even sit down until after 4:00 and even then it was STILL folding laundry, which I highly detest. 

In a world where we had money to spend on something remotely luxurious, I think I would hire a maid. Or I wish I would. Even if we had the money to spend on that I don't know that I would. I would be too embarrassed to have someone clean after me. Although it might motivate me clean up better since someone would be coming in the house regularly. It's a terrible thing to feel like you'd be too embarrassed to have someone who cleans houses for a living see your mess.

For the past couple of weeks our kitchen has been a mess because our faucet has been broken. We tried to fix it because we just replaced it a few years ago. It's never fun when you have unexpected expenses. We were forced to buy another one because we learned quickly that the piping inside had become corroded and was causing it to leak - A LOT! Unfortunately there was no fixing it.  Fun-filled. Soooo we bought another one and we finally have a working faucet again now. You know how it is when something in the kitchen breaks... the kitchen tends to be the center of the household and when something stops working, the rest of the house seems all out of whack. Finally though I have my kitchen back!   

We had a pull out sprayer before but now we've got one of those goose neck pull down jobs which is getting the job done. One thing the sales guy suggested with these types of faucets is to purchase a well known brand and to get one that has the magnets so the sprayer head will click back to the "goose neck". Never thought I'd be so happy about a kitchen faucet. YAY! 

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