Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back From The Beach

Hello fellow crafters! I'm home from being at the beach for nearly a week with my family and I have a case of the crafties! The trip was great but I'll be getting the craft ON very soon! I think I'm having withdrawals! Haha! The vacay was excellent, heck ANY time at the BEACH is AWESOME. Now that I'm settled in, I'm ready to get the projects started up and completed! 

Don't you just love the BEACH? Palm trees, sand, fresh salty air, the sound of the ocean... NATURE! I love it! The atmosphere is so much more peaceful at the beach. I'll give you a little peep at what I saw on my stroll to the beach each day! I was trying to envision what type of house I would want if I ever had the opportunity to move to the water! Hmmm!

Here are two cottages with more modern features.   

Here are two older ones. They all blend so well though!

I don't think I saw two cottages that looked the same. I love that about the beach. The houses all look different and all paint colors are acceptable! 

The house below was my favorite house to walk by! I really liked the fresh style of it. It was a very simple bungalow but it had a cool flare to it! 

I zoomed in just for you! It's got these cool zebra painted striped shutters, which I thought added a nice creative flare. It was not overdone. The shutters were such a simple touch that I thought it looked classy!

The shutters were more like panels in between the doorways but I think they were quite stylish!

Another pink house! See? It works at the beach.

Another fun thing I like to do at the beach is to check out the signs or names on the houses. I've been trying to come up with one too for the future! Wishful thinking but you never know! Some are really clever and I just think it adds great humor and creativity to these vacation homes. Some names tell a story about the owners. I couldn't capture all the clever signs I saw(I didn't want to look like a stalker!) but here are a few that I thought were cute for different reasons. 

If you had a beach house, what would your sign say?

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Finding Charm said...

My wish to live in a cottage like that one of these days.

My sign would say it simply for my love of the ocean - Gone Sailing