Monday, September 12, 2011

Skulls And Bones, Well Sorta!

WHAZZUP?!?! How's everybody doing? Is anybody else getting excited about Halloween this year? I can't wait. I'm working on the kid's costumes and yikes, I have to find the pieces I purchased after Halloween last year. They are prolly buried in a bin somewhere in the attic. That is one room that I don't want to step foot in but really need to clean out. I plan to clean out the attic once it starts cooling off. You should see our attic. Well, no. You shouldn't! Talk about SCARY! Ok no more tangents I promise. On to the scary Halloween Decor!

Sooooo - Say Bye Bye to Cool Blue Sea Shells and HELLO Ugly, Gruesome Ones!

On our vacation at the beach we saw a lot of gross looking shells. I was very excited to find part of a sand dollar but these things below were scattered all along the shore. As I walked studying them I thought they resembled bones. They looked like creepy skeletal parts. I did some research to try and figure out what they are called and couldn't find them. They may be crustaceans for all I know. If you do happen to know, please do tell!

Usually my son and I are on the hunt for the prettiest shells at the beach but this time we thought it would be fun to look for the ugliest, creepiest looking ones to use for Halloween decorations. 

We cleaned all the shells and placed them in this jar and gently placed a Styrofoam glitter skull ($1.00 at Dollar Tree) on top. It's always great to use what you have to decorate and this project was budget friendly and fun! How appropriate for Halloween! EWWW! Can't wait to see what other people are doing for Halloween this year!


Raige Creations said...

those are awesome shells, perfect for Halloween.
I have only a few Halloween decorations, like 3. And we don't get trick-or-treaters anymore ( our driveway is verrrryyyy looonnggg, which would be great for a creepy Halloween walk, but the neighborhood is only got small children, who would never make it past the first curve.
Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I learned that they are oyster shells. Guess I'm not exactly up on shell fish!

I don't have many decorations for Halloween either. You could have a Halloween party with your friends and deck the driveway all out! How fun would that be!