Monday, September 19, 2011

Scraptastic! Scrap Fabric!

Hooray now that Monday is under our belts! What have you been up to? We just survived a chaotic yet fun child's birthday party over the weekend! I've gotten a head start on some holiday decor but it's all still in progress so I wanted to share a small project I completed.

Last week I made this cute fabric bubble wreath made out of a microfiber type of cloth left over from my bench pad. The wreath is kinda cute! I like how it turned out. 

All you need is a straw wreath, a few yards of fabric, scissors and straight pins.

Picture Tutorial
Cut fabric in 3 or 4 inch squares. I didn't cut mine all the same size and did make some rectangles instead of squares.  

I've used different fabric for the tutorial because I gave the wreath to my mom and didn't take pictures as I went along.

Fold the fabric square in half to make a triangle.

Fold one corner of the triangle over the middle corner.

Next you fold the left corner down to the bottom point where the fabric meets on either side to make a "bubble". This is a bird's eye view.

Flip the fabric upside down and push a pin through the point where all the corners meet so it goes through all pieces of the fabric.

Pin it into the wreath and it forms a puffy "bubble" type shape. Continue this all over the wreath covering the pins and you'll have yourself a really cute handmade wreath!

It's super simple and you can do this while watching tv or something!

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