Thursday, September 22, 2011

Piling Up

Oh the piles! Tis the season for decking the house out and I'm already cluttering before getting started! It never fails that there are ALWAYS piles of things taking over rooms in our house! GRRRRR! These are bins from the attic and they are all children's clothes. I spent one day last weekend sorting and organizing hand me downs from one child to the next. They keep outgrowing everything so it feels like a constant cycle of changing out their clothes.
Next it's cleaning out the attic and fixing it up in an organized fashion. This means another yard sale even though I just did one in the Spring! We have way too much stuff and for sanity's sake I have to weed and get rid of things. Between sorting and organizing to put things back in the attic I'm making piles of things that we don't use to sell. The neighborhood isn't doing a Fall sale so I've got to get a permit and advertise on my own. Wish me luck! I have bags of toys and things scattered through the house to sell which will make this pile grow for the next couple of weeks. For sanity's sake I am on a mission to declutter yet again! Yee haw!

What are you doing to organize and declutter? 

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