Saturday, February 1, 2014

Staircase Basket BEFORE and AFTER

How is your weekend going? It's been a good one here. The weather has been so nice. Our oldest had a basketball game yesterday and I must say it was so much fun to watch. His team played well as a team and it's great to watch young children learn and progress and work together for a goal! He made one of his foul shots too! The weather has warmed up so we were able to get outside some too. Yippie!

So here is a fun little Before and After. I found this beauty below in my mom and dad's garage last time I visited. They don't have a staircase and my mom had me go through her old baskets. It was cute but not my colors or taste. 

I spray painted the whole basket with a blue Rustoleum and instead of gluing or threading ribbon to add a little something to it, I wrapped the basket with a ribbon and tied it under the top "step" of the basket. It's not perfect but handmade and hand-done never is. That is why I love doing something by hand so much. It's much more personal. It's cute and it holds all the randoms we find downstairs that need to go upstairs. On that note have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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