Thursday, September 4, 2014

Organized Craft Cabinets

Craftastic Magic In The Cabinets (if I do say so myself)!!!!!!!!!!

Oh how it good it feels to get organized and have things set up with total uniformity. This is another job I did a couple of years ago and I'm so glad I did! 

Here is my craft cabinet (in our kitchen) BEFORE I got organized! It was a total and complete mess! I've got a lot of stuff I use for arts and craft projects and this was seriously bugging me. Not anymore!!!

BEFORE I used baby formula cans to organize pencils, paint brushes, etc. but I had too much and it did NOT work!

The cabinets went from an eye sore to a place the whole family goes to for things they are looking for!

I found these RE Sterilite organizers in various sizes at Target. It took me a while to purchase them because I did it in shifts with sales and what they had in stock. I finally got all our supplies in these boxes. 

AFTER I found these removable label stickers at Wal-Mart and went to town labeling everything! Now we can find things! This is one thing that has truly made it easier when working on projects!

AHHHHHH The uniformity! I am certainly an organizer through and through! HA! Happy day everybody!

How do you organize your things? Are you to this nutty degree of organization?!?!?! This isn't even the project I told you I'd share that I thought would change our household for the better! Yay for more to come!

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Kazza said...

WOW, looks great and so beautifully organised. You should be really proud of your efforts.

Karen and Danny at