Friday, September 5, 2014

Use Metal Spoons Instead Of Plastic In School Lunchbox

Hello all! What's up on this beautiful Friday? Hope you have a great day no matter what you are doing. Just wanted to check in and tell you what I'm doing new this year in my child's lunchbox. It's really no biggie but he eats yogurt, applesauce and pudding and takes a spoon for those types of snacks. I pack his lunch every day...
This year I decided I'm done with buying plastic spoons! I bought a pack of two metal spoons at Wal-mart for $2.00.  They had packs for $1.00 but they were too close to what our regular silverware looks like and I didn't want them getting mixed in with ours.
Super simple - saves $! + saves waste + saves environment. I slapped a dish washer safe sticker / name tag on the back of the handle sent to me from Lovable Labels. So far it has worked out great. He brings it back home every night and I rewash.
What do you do to conserve or save money in your kids' lunches?

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