Thursday, January 8, 2015

Label Making NERD I AM!

I'm stoked! I have been shopping for a new label maker b/c mine quit printing. I've had it for years and LOVE it. I use it for lots of labeling. Right now I'm working on our filing cabinet to get our files up-to-date. Anyhow I put the label maker in a pile to donate b/c it wouldn't print. The label would come out of the machine but there was no text.

So I was shopping for a new one and honestly, I hate to spend the money on something like this all over again. I started googling techie stuff troubleshooting and learned my batteries were flat. There is no ink in these little machines which is the beauty of them. It's a heat thing and my batteries were just flat. The machine wasn't dead but all it took was a change of batteries and my little label maker is back in business. I love the Internet for stuff like this! YESSSSSSSSSSSS I'm that kind of a nerd b/c it made my morning! The Internet saves again! What has the Internet saved you from doing lately?!?!?!


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