Friday, January 9, 2015

3M Sticky Hangers Kitchen Organization!

I don't know about you but my kitchen cabinets have been a mess since before Christmas. I don't have that many pots and pans really (I like to only keep the basics and not too much more) but our cabinets had really gotten out of hand. Here's what they looked like before I got into serious organization mode last night.
Over the break a family member gave me a couple packages of hooks. :) I wasn't sure how I'd use them but I knew I could always put them to good use. There is always need for improvement!
Last night I cleaned out all the cabinets sweeping all crumbs out and organizing EVERYTHING!
I had some wiry thingies too that needed better homes than being tossed in cabinets. I was able to make more room inside the cabinets by hanging these wiry thingies. They are for the pizza stone, brownie pan, etc.

Nothing too exciting but heck it works. If you try this at home, just be sure to hang it so you can close your cabinet! I really like. What have you used 3M hooks and hangers for?

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