Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Remote Control Candles Are Cool

I haven't gotten a chance to chat too much because I've been trying to nurse all my family back to health. It's been an ongoing thing for nearly a week this time around.
I wanted to share one of my favorite Christmas presents from my parents. I got remote control candles. I love candles but really only burn one jar if any and it's rare these days. I try and keep candles out of reach due to our cat singeing his fluffy tail after I caught him up on our bar flicking it over a burning wick a couple of years ago. What a stinch it caused plus the whole house could have turned to ashes... a frightening thought. 
Anyhow I probably never would have bought battery operated remote control candles on my own. I just never gave it much thought. After receiving and playing around with them, I must tell you they are awesome!  

A comment my mom made was that if the power goes out, we have light! SO true.
So they came in a box of eight. I wasn't sure where I was going to put all the candles. With one push of a button they turn on and flicker much like real candles. They are wax on the outside and smell like vanilla. LOVE!
When I began looking for a new spot for the candles, I realized I had wall sconces and pillar candle holders with candles I'd never light because I just find them dangerous. I replaced all my real candles for these and I just love. You can cluster or scatter but I find them lovely scattered. With a point of the remote and a push of a button, they set a nice warm mood!  


Anonymous said...

Love those candles!

Less Is More said...

Thank you! I would never have thought how neat they'd be!

HungryForGod (Andi) said...

pretty - i like the way that everything is arranged, too.. :D

Nicole Keener said...

oh wow, this is great. Now I have a couple of ideas that I could try out :)

Less Is More said...

Thank you! I seriously never thought of using battery operated candles but they are so much safer and we have instant light if the power goes out. :)