Sunday, January 18, 2015

Who Wants Gummy Shag? NOBODY!

EWWWWWW GROSS! This has been an upsetting eye sore on our living room area rug for the past month. or. sooo. Oops! One of the kids dropped a fat wad of gum that molded to the edge of the rug and nobody would fess up to it! Just great.

I didn't mean to procrastinate but with the holidays and December "busy-ness", I let it go and got to it when I had the time to research it. I have some very good news to share!

Nasty gum stuck on/in the carpet. GROSS! 

Boiling HOT H2O did the trick! I boiled water in my teapot and placed an old towel under the rug to catch the water. I simply poured the water over the wad and gently picked the gum off with a metal pick found in a drawer. I had to pour water on the gum a couple of times to keep loosening and softening it but it worked like a charm. Took all of about five minutes and it came totally clean. The gum is made of latex and got gummy and a little stringy but lifted completely off. No color stain or residue left on the carpet. Just use caution so you don't pluck the carpet fibers out. Also use caution any time working with boiled water. No burning allowed!

What tricks do you use for gum removal?

No more gummy shag!


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Frauke HandmadeFuzzy said...

How cool! You saved the rug ;)

Less Is More said...

I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to but yes, thankfully!

HungryForGod (Andi) said...

i have severe allergies - so i don't have any rugs - now if you're talking about gum on my sneakers :D

Nicole Keener said...

Definitely need to save this in my bookmarks. My daughter will only get older and start chewing more gum. Things like this are bound to happen.